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Seen in the Slough

As soon as I  saw this baby raccoon I knew it would be a special day.

I took this picture at the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve a few months ago, but this week it was awarded second place in the Friends of the Slough photo contest. Click read more for the story of how this little guy ended up strolling around the boardwalk.

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Cheap Activities in Southwest Florida (4/5-4/11)

As season comes to an end so will the increased traffic, but also the increased activity.Fort Myers and the surrounding area becomes a shell (a conch, maybe) of the hub of activity it has been for the past months. There’s the impression, that might be true, that everything fun costs money. Not true! (Sometimes) So, I’ll try to create a list each week of interesting activities in Southwest Florida that cost little to nothing. This list will try to include some things for kids and adults. I’ll try to provide free activities for Fort Myers, Sanibel, Naples, and the beaches.

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