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This is me on a kayak at Manatee Park in Fort Myers, which is one of my favorite wintertime Florida parks.
This is me on a kayak at Manatee Park in Fort Myers, which is one of my favorite wintertime Florida parks.

Hello. My name is Ben. In the past year I quit my job as a teacher in Baltimore, Maryland; moved to Florida, got engaged, and bought a house. In between I go places and take pictures. Then I put those pictures on Facebook and http://www.photosfromflorida.net. That’s why you’re even bothering to read this, I suppose.

But a little about me.

I’m in my fifth year as a teacher and I love the job. I can’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling. I came to teaching relatively late. I worked for five years after college in the newspaper business as a reporter/photographer, then a design editor for a series of small newspapers Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Five years ago I took advantage of an opportunity to switch careers through an alternative certification program. I had always thought that newspapers and writing would let me enact change in the world, but I found teaching a better fit. Especially in Baltimore, where there is so much need.

I met my fiance while teaching in Baltimore. She is the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met. Proof positive, she convinced me to move to Florida with her at the beginning of this year. Why not live in paradise if we have the opportunity? In Florida I’ve fallen back on a love of the outdoors imbued by my dad, who also served as a Boy Scout leader throughout my childhood. I’d much rather be outdoors than inside – except for some of those 100-degree days in August! Once I moved down here I started taking pictures. Once I started taking pictures, I though others might be interested.

I still feel very self conscious about my pictures. I have a Zazzle page and a Fine Art America page where I sell the pictures, but I don’t feel comfortable advertising this fact. Teaching is my 60-hour-a-week job, but if I can make some people happy with my pictures that’s nice, too.

If you like my pictures, please like our page on Facebook and click the Follow button on this page. Have a wonderful day in Florida or far-flung from us!


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