Seen in the Slough

As soon as I  saw this baby raccoon I knew it would be a special day.

I took this picture at the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve a few months ago, but this week it was awarded second place in the Friends of the Slough photo contest. Click read more for the story of how this little guy ended up strolling around the boardwalk.


There was a small group peering over the side of the boardwalk at the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve. Three juvenile raccoons huddled on a cypress tree stump. Then, they climbed into the shallow water and started swimming toward the boardwalk. The most adventurous hugged the post and started climbing up onto the boardwalk. Like a scout, this raccoon sought out a corner and peered around, just in time for an iconic picture.

(For those of you concerned – Raccoons in the north strictly travel at night, but in Florida it’s not rare to see them move and scavenge during the day because predators, such as alligators and wildcats get active during twilight hours.)


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