Four days to Florida – Part 1

My fiancee and I are hitting the road to travel back to Florida. As relatively young and relatively strong people we could make the 16-hour drive in a day, but we’re making a trip of it and taking you along.

Our goal is to find some really special, out-of-the-way places that can make great pit stops in the future, or for anyone brave enough to follow in our footsteps.

A satisfying meal in Petersburg, Va.
A satisfying meal in Petersburg, Va.
The Moon Fry at Saucy's Sit Down BarBQ in Petersburg, Va.
The Moon Fry at Saucy’s Sit Down BarBQ in Petersburg, Va.

The highlight of Day 1 – Delaware to Smithfield, North Carolina – was the food. In Petersburg, Virginia, we stopped at a barbecue joint called Saucy’s Sit Down BarBQ. The atmosphere could best be described as hipster-roadhouse. There were very deliberate triggers such as exposed brick and folding chairs that were supposed to eschew a classy atmosphere, but this wasn’t a spit-your-shells-on-the-floor place. There were dozens of craft beers on tap. And the food.

Oh, the food.

The pulled pork and chicken were tender with a sweet barbecue sauce. The “Famous Fries” rolled in Old Bay (I hope I’m not giving away the secret ingredient.) The coup de gras, however, was called a Moon Fry. The Moon Fry – so good it’s the only dessert offering – is a fried moon pie slathered with salted caramel and topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It’s a belly buster, but perhaps the best food I’ve ever eaten.

After lunch we headed south to Smithfield, North Carolina, just missing closing time at the Ava Gardner museum in town. The I-95 interchange revolves around outlets and a series of satisfying enough chain restaurants. Tomorrow we head to Savannah, then Saint Augustine, Florida, on Thursday.


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