Fireworks on the Fifth – U.S. Wins the World Cup

When I was a kid my family would take weekly one-hour drives to my sister’s soccer games. I didn’t get it. My soccer field was just around the corner. We were usually home by lunch. Unfortunately for my selfish self, my sister played for a traveling team that took her across the East Coast.

Tonight – especially tonight – it would be convenient if my sister grew up to be a star player on the World Cup-winning women’s soccer team. Unfortunately she didn’t. I only mean unfortunately for this story.

The skills she, I, and thousands upon thousands of other youth soccer players learn are invaluable. Learning teamwork, unselfishness, and the importance of goal-setting has made my sister into a wonderful nurse, wife, and mother.

Tonight the United States won the World Cup in dominating fashion. (But you know that; as my fiancee said, “Facebook is blowing up.”) Is this the time that America embraces soccer? Probably not, not like the rest of the world. But hopefully this is the time when our culture can celebrate victory as well as other outcomes.

Hopefully this is the time when more young women take up team sports.

Hopefully this is the time when video games take a back seat to the real world.

Hopefully this is the time when people, young people in particular, came together instead of being separated by electronic devices.

We’re all likely guilty of this – sitting in silence while tapping away at our iPhones -but hopefully there can be incremental change. As they say during soccer commercials, Just Do It.


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