Southwest Florida Pit Stop: Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

A pit stop in racing is quick. It’s necessary, but a prolonged stay is unwise and unneeded. A Southwest Florida Pit Stop is a quick visit (less than 30 minutes) to a quick, fun, cheap place in the Fort Myers, Sanibel, Naples, Cape Coral area.

This is the sandwich I grew up with. Florida wasn’t really home until I found this restaurant.

Capriotti's sandwich shop in Bonita Springs serves a variety of unique sandwiches.
Capriotti’s sandwich shop in Bonita Springs serves a variety of unique sandwiches.
The Capistrami

In Florida, Capriotti’s is one of a kind.The sandwich chain, based in Delaware with locations in Pennsylvania and Las Vegas as well as across much of the American South, Capriotti’s adds a twist to the traditional sandwich. The Bobbie is probably the most-famous offering from Capriotti’s. It’s Thanksgiving on a roll. Fresh pulled turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce mix to create a salty-sweet combination. The Capistrami is a pastrami sandwich with fresh coleslaw. Typing the
words doesn’t do it justice, so I’ll explain in a different way. The first time I drove by was an accident. IT was Sunday afternoon and I was headed to the beach. When the name “Capriotti’s” caught my attention I pulled in, expecting an inferior shop. It was closed (as it is on Sundays) but it was the one I’d grown up with. I texted my friends in Delaware. Their response – “Florida is home, now.”

Next time you’re headed to Barefoot or Bonita beach, swing by and give it a try. It makes great beach eats.

The only Florida location for Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is located about a mile south of Bonita Beach Road on Tamiami Trail, just across the Lee County border. Click here for Google Map directions.


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