The Sunset We Deserve

Summer in Florida is always stormy. There’s a reason the state is known as the “lightning capital of the United States.” Every summer brings intense storms, but this year feels … more intense. We were in the car yesterday and pulled over into the parking lot of a driving range on Daniels Parkway due to heavy rain. After about 5 minutes of waiting – CRACK – a lightning bolt hit the driving range about 200 yards away. After that harrowing experience we figured it would be better to be on the road. Later we found out there had been 1,300 lightning strikes around 3 p.m. in the Fort Myers-Cape Coral area.

But as the thunderclouds drifted away we drove out to Bunche Beach – San Carlos Bay Preserve to get the sunset that we earned – the sunset we deserved. We were handsomely rewarded.

The Bunche Beach sunset was brilliant, a bright orange as usual. But with only about 15 people on the beach it gave a sense of really being alone – almost a private beach.

The sun sets over San Carlos Bay in Fort Myers, Florida.
The sun sets over San Carlos Bay in Fort Myers, Florida.

The lack of people also led the beach to teem with wildlife. Starfish and hermit crabs lined the seashore as birds such as blue herons, egrets, and even some roseate spoonbills fed in the ponds that gathered on the beach.

Living in Florida certainly isn’t always easy in the summer time, but the trade-offs for the heat and the lightning certainly make it worthwhile.

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