The Story of this Photo III

Some babies are just born to be famous.

This is the story of the baby gators at the Six Mile Slough in Fort Myers. Normally, baby gators hatch in late summer or early fall. This brood, however, showed up at the preserve around early March of 2015 – much earlier than expected.

They would go on to be featured on TV news and in print. Before that, however, we saw them at just a few weeks old. Movement was strained. Tiny sticks were fantastic hurdles for the 3- or 4-inch long alligators. We walked up to the alligators almost by accident the first time. Walking along the outside path of Gator Lake a the slough we looked down, expecting maybe a little blue heron, but seeing what looked like a greenish-grey and yellow stick.

The bold yellow stripes show youth on the gator. I crouched down with the camera and focused through the reeds. Almost as if to say, “I’m pretty tough,” this gator opened it’s mouth widely for the photo.

Can you handle more gators? Check out the alligator photography page for more natural wildlife photography.

Want to find this guy? Click here for where to find the baby gators.

Baby Gators
A baby alligator yawns at the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve in Fort Myers, Florida. This baby gator was one of several to be born in late fall at the slough.

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