Southwest Florida Pit Stop: Caruso’s Eats and Treats

A pit stop in racing is quick. It’s necessary, but a prolonged stay is unwise and unneeded. A Southwest Florida Pit Stop is a quick visit (less than 30 minutes) to a quick, fun, cheap place in the Fort Myers, Sanibel, Naples, Cape Coral area.

Caruso’s Eats and Treats checks a lot of boxes from the pit stop list. It’s quick, fun, and delicious.

Eats and Treats is located at 9211 Cypress Lake Drive, Fort Myers, right across from Rutenberg Park. The family-owned roadside ice cream shop, with the barbershop-ish red, white, and blue facade, is a favorite for park-goers. There are eight

Love Boat's blueberry cheesecake ice cream at Caruso's Eats and Treats.
Love Boat’s blueberry cheesecake ice cream at Caruso’s Eats and Treats.

parking spots and just a few tables. What it lacks in space, Eats and Treats makes up for with its extensive menu and specialty ice cream. The shop serves Fort Myers-made Love Boat ice cream, a rich treat.

Eats and Treats also serves soft serve and frozen shakes and malts as well as a variety of dinner items including pulled pork, hot dogs, and the “world’s best” hamburger. Are the burgers the best in the world? Maybe not, but with ice cream this good it doesn’t really matter.

Eats and treats is open from 11 a,m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturdays and form noon to 9 p.m. on Sundays. Find them online at

Eats and Treats sign


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